domingo, 16 de outubro de 2016

ANNE-SOPHIE CAYON - La botanique des amours

Director:Anne-Sophie Cayon
Year of Production:2014
Premiere Status:California Premiere
Topic:Future of Food
Running Time:4 min.

Who says that plants don't have feelings? This short animation guides us through the sensual love lives and the sexuality of plants. Lascivious shots into the naked hearts of vegetables and fruits, paired with a erotic narration, makes you take a deep breath in this world of vegetal lust.

Anne-Sophie Cayon studied animation at Ensav Lacambre, Belgium. La Botanique des Amours is her first and graduate film. She's now studying food design and food styling. "Food and plants are always a big source of inspiration for me and a way to focus the public on nature."


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